The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve

The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve                                                                                                                               Date: January 30, 2018 The non-fiction summer  reading book that I choose is mentioned in the title, in fact it is the title.
The book itself is focused around the subject of the Federal Reserve System (the Federal Reserve is the current US national bank, in fact it is the fourth since the creation of the US) and how the Federal Reserve has, in essence, gained control of the government and the people and all assets in between. This book was recommended to me by my Father, he stated it would be important for me to uderstand why things are the way they are. The importance of this book and others similar to it are underestimated. Though the material of this book can be difficult to read and understand, I believe every student should read this book, as it exposes them to t…

Witty Title for the book blog for The Great Gatsby

My reading, as of late, has not been consistent and doesn't meet with my reading goals.

The AP book that I have chosen to read is none other than, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I originally chose to read The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn but I found it to not be a suitable book for me. I then went to The Great Gatsby because it includes some things that nearly everyone likes: wealth and power.

The book starts off kind of slow and confusing, what I found most hard to grasp was the time period and the general state of the world. However I do know that it takes place after the first world war. Gatsby and the narrator both served in the military and Gatsby was able to recognize Carraway as he had seen him in France. While the book is narrated by Carraway, it is not about him, but rather, it is about Gatsby.

A lesson that I have learned from reading the great Gatsby is that not all good things may last forever, especially the things we reap from illegal means. I also feel t…

The Emperor's Revenge By Clive Cussler - book blog #1

This blog is going to be my first book blog of this school year, as per instruction, I will make this blog be that of the book I am currently reading. The book is titled, The Emperor's Revengeby Clive Cussler(). As the summary goes, The Emperor's Revenge is about Juan Cabrillo and the Corporation getting caught up in yet another worldwide mess, this time it isn't a death threat to millions of people, but to everyone, through a bank heist.

With that said, there was one passage that stood out to me; "Go ahead and comd through the code looking for this time bomb, if you dare, but eventually you'll have to cough up the dough to us. Heaven help you if you don't. One major bank will suffer a catastrophic system failure in five days as a signal that we are not lying. We'll be in touch." (99), this is the message the hacker left after completing the heist on the bank. The reason why this stood out to me is because it was revealed that the hacker had left a &q…

Me, Myself, and I (specifically my readings habits)

My name is Thomas (Tommy) Herr, I am sixteen years old rounding up on seventeen. I am also almost an Eagle Scout. My reading life is somewhat simple as I tend to stay in the action-mystery section of a library. In large, I find non-fiction to boring to read, so I stick with fiction. My favorite author is without a doubt, Clive Cussler, he is a superb author he has written around sixty-six books, many of them are in trilogies as he has, what would seem like, endless creativity. I read around thirty to fifty pages a day with around the same amount of time allocated to reading. My required nine weeks reading is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, this book have been referred to in many ap tests and is called a "classic".