The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve

                       The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve
                                                                                                                              Date: January 30, 2018
The non-fiction summer  reading book that I choose is mentioned in the title, in fact it is the title.
The book itself is focused around the subject of the Federal Reserve System (the Federal Reserve is the current US national bank, in fact it is the fourth since the creation of the US) and how the Federal Reserve has, in essence, gained control of the government and the people and all assets in between. This book was recommended to me by my Father, he stated it would be important for me to uderstand why things are the way they are. The importance of this book and others similar to it are underestimated. Though the material of this book can be difficult to read and understand, I believe every student should read this book, as it exposes them to the truths and lies to the government and associated bodies. Though I did not time my reading sessions for this book I did read all 594 pages.

To prove that there are hidden truths and lies I will provide two passages.

Firstly this excerpt includes a conclusion from Biographer Fredric Morten, he states that Nathan Rothschild "conquered the world more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Ceasars before or all the Hitler's after them.", this dynasty that Rosthschild created almost immediately started taking over massive monetary transactions for almost all of Europe, even including Asian countries and even America. The chapter in which the excerpt is located speaks mostly of why wars took place in the twentieth century, it also goes on to predict the wars of the future, the wars are still not didacted by government, but by those who profit from it - the Federal Reserve.

Secondly and lastly this excerpt talks about the election of 1912 between Roosevelt, Wilson, and Taft, all of these individuals were to some degree, being controlled by the banks and Wall Street. Relating this to more modern times, we see very similar things happening in our politics. To be a little more broad, the chapter that the excerpt is in is about how "the creature" (the plan to basically take away all monetary control from gevernment and keep it in private hands) found its way into the Presidency and took control of the Congress from there. So with that in mind, we have been able to witness the tragedy that is the FCC, the current FCC chairman was paid to make a descision against the favor of the people, at the same time, many members of congress received campaign "donations" from internet providers, with the unspoken incentive to vote in favor of getting ride of net neutrality laws. This goes to show just how much more power companies and the private sector in general have over the gornement than the constituents.

Griffin, Edward. "The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve"


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